School gardening

School Gardening Lessons

At Twende Kazi, we have come to know that establishing a connection with nature at an early age is extremely important that is why we are working around the clock to revive our school gardens throughout the country! Researchers discovered childhood experiences with nature are strongly linked to adult attitudes toward plants.

Our Goals

Our great mission is to work to raise awareness against the negative mindset the community has about farmimg both in urban, semi-urban as well as in rural settings which have for many years made our communities lose interest in farming and reduced production.

Save forest

Gardening programs for children can provide a strong enough connection to instill appreciation and respect for nature in adulthood..

Under this arrangement,a school provides land,the necessary in puts and learners who cultivate,plant,weed and harvest as they learn the practices of agriculture! Our role is to give them moral and guidance while necessary!

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