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This is a platform where farmers especially the new entrants can seek any information related to agriculture thereby creating an enabling environment. In the framework of our activities and experience got from the field, we have come to discover that most small farmers especially the rural based ones lack access to advice, to input and output markets, and other services required for successful agriculture. We have hopes that this farmer’s portal will answer this problem as it has been set to help in providing possible agricultural know-how to many upcoming and other farmers who would appreciate help in one way or the other.
.It’s being run by a Zimbabwean young man by the names of Mr.Mavhunga Zivai Fayol. Mavhunga Zivai Fayol runs his company called TECHNOGRIPRA which shares information with a net work of farmers about many aspects of animal husbandry like; beef production, transforming a small herd into a commercial herd, beef breeds, pen fattening, feed formulation for beef, beef management calendar, developing a breeding program, pasture management and rangeland technology, animal health and welfare in Zimbabwe and across Africa.

Our Goals

To be precise, Mavhunga Zivai Fayol teaches farmers to be technically informed. He holds BSc.Hons Animal Production and Technology (CUT),Chinhoyi University of Technology , Zimbabwe. NB: For the time being, we shall focus on Animal Production and Technology as we get another volunteer who will help us to address the issues of crop husbandry. If resources allow, we are planning to have a fully fledged farmers’ resource centre at Lango Sub region rural youth farmers’ engagement centre where practicing farmers and new entrants can make research from..

Save forest

Gardening programs for children can provide a strong enough connection to instill appreciation and respect for nature in adulthood..

Under this arrangement,a school provides land,the necessary in puts and learners who cultivate,plant,weed and harvest as they learn the practices of agriculture! Our role is to give them moral and guidance while necessary!

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