Largo Sub region

Largo Sub region

While empowering rural youth to overcome the challenges which are being encountered in the agricultural sector industry we have come to discover that according to most youth especially in developing countries which are still struggling with forces of hunger and unemployment, the word ‘farming’ conjures up images of poverty, misery and backwardness. For countries which are well-endowed with favorable climate, good soils and natural resources, it is ironic that their young people don’t esteem one of the activities that have great potential to uplift their economic statuses.
This of course is attributed to negative perceptions about the sector indoctrinated from childhoods. This means that if we are to successfully make communities, youth in particular as agents of change in the fight against hunger and its associated side effects, the negative perception associated with agriculture among must be addressed first..

About The project

Our plan is to pass through our Lango Sub region rural youth farmers’ engagement centre and transform the negative perception associated with agriculture among communities, youth in particular into a sector which is worthwhile through training and re-branding of young existing farmers into skilled farmers and at the same time making it attractive to new entrants as a worthy investment to counter the challenges related to food security in our communities and world at large. With no doubt, on-farm demonstrations serve as one of the most effective Extension education tools. .

Gardening programs for children can provide a strong enough connection to instill appreciation and respect for nature in adulthood..

Under this arrangement,a school provides land,the necessary in puts and learners who cultivate,plant,weed and harvest as they learn the practices of agriculture! Our role is to give them moral and guidance while necessary!

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