We  are empowering the youth to overcome the challenges encountered in the agricultural sector industry by facilitating them to become proactive and dynamic leaders who advocate for improvement of agricultural production in their local communities to combat hunger, food security, and economic empowerment.

In the framework of Twende Kazi, youths are identified, mobilized and trained from our farming demonstration centers, to access knowledge, skills and competencies in being independent for sustainable development.

Our agenda is to transform the negative perception associated with agriculture among communities, youth in particular into a sector which is worthwhile through training and re-branding of young existing farmers into skilled farmers and at the same time making it attractive to new entrants as a worthy investment to counter the challenges related to food security in our communities and world at large.

Twende Kazi therefore avails the youth with a robust platform that connects them to the available opportunities existing in agricultural sector. It also encourages the youths to share their experiences, ideas and local innovations to inspire other youths both locally and internationally.