This is a platform where farmers especially the new entrants can seek any information related to agriculture thereby creating an enabling environment.
In the framework of our activities and experience got from the field, we have come to discover that most small farmers especially the rural based ones lack access to advice, to input and output markets, and other services required for successful agriculture. We have hopes that this farmer’s portal will answer this problem as it has been set to help in providing possible agricultural know-how to many upcoming and other farmers who would appreciate help in one way or the other. It’s being run by a Zimbabwean young man by the names of Mr.Mavhunga Zivai Fayol. Mavhunga Zivai Fayol runs his company called TECHNOGRIPRA which shares information with a net work of farmers about many aspects of animal husbandry like; beef production, transforming a small herd into a commercial herd, beef breeds, pen fattening, feed formulation for beef, beef management calendar, developing a breeding program, pasture management and rangeland technology, animal health and welfare in Zimbabwe and across Africa. To be precise, Mavhunga Zivai Fayol teaches farmers to be technically informed. He holds BSc.Hons Animal Production and Technology (CUT),Chinhoyi University of Technology , Zimbabwe.
NB: For the time being, we shall focus on Animal Production and Technology as we get another volunteer who will help us to address the issues of crop husbandry. If resources allow, we are planning to have a fully fledged farmers’ resource centre at Lango Sub region rural youth farmers’ engagement centre where practicing farmers and new entrants can make research from.

What people say about Technogripra
Hallo good people. Let me introduce myself. My name is Assistant Commissioner Pesanai, I am a medical doctor working with the Z.R.P.
I am a business person majoring in cattle ranching. Our farm is in Mvuma central Estates. We have a herd of 198. We have plans of becoming commercial farmers in a few years to come. We became members of the Techno group last week. On Monday 1/04/19 the consultant came for a farm visit. The following are activities we did. 
1)We looked at our plunge dip. Recommendations were, to put a shed above the area to avoid sun as it cause the chemicals to react plus when it’s raining 🌧 it dilutes the chemicals. 
2)Veld assessments was done ✅ and recommend to plant 🌱 about 20 hectares of star, Rhodes and other grasses.
3)The herd was checked they are in good health no ticks and have optimum body condition 5-6. Recommended to sell the steers that are ready for market. Have PDs done , have our 10 Bulls checked their semen and consider artificial insemination .
4) We are in advanced plans to go and buy molasses with our 17000 liter tanker in preparation for the dry and draught season ahead. 
5) We have decided to share with you where we are now and as we move forward so you can see the progress with your own eyes. 
6) We think we made the right decision in engaging the help of Techno group.

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