Who We Are

Welcome to Twende Kazi

Twende Kazi is a Swahiri word which means “let us go to work”. We are a fully registered group of Ugandan youths who came together in 2016 to mobilize and encourage citizens especially our fellow youths to get involved in the programs which back up their personal and country’s (Uganda) agenda development plans. Read More

The Director's Message

Thank you for visiting our official website and for your interest in our farming activities! Our program which started from Kampala City through our urban farming projects has not only grown to cover Uganda’s diverse population but it is also stretching to other neighboring countries. Read More

Mobilizing Urban Youth to Agriculture

At Twende Kazi Project, we are fully aware that urban farming and gardening programs provide a setting for nutrition and environmental conservation through hands-on learning as a promising strategy for increasing access to fresh food produce. Read More

Recent Works

Twende Kazi - Youth for Agriculture